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Effective 2.20.2020


Dear HCG participants,

After serious consideration and discussion with Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy regarding COVID-19, Holding Common Ground: Pathways to Cultural Exchange in Vietnam 2020 will be cancelled. Our highest priority in this decision pertains to the choreographers, dancers and the community of Ho Chi Minh City as well as the country at large who planned on attending HCG this year. Covid-19 has undoubtedly set major health concerns around the world and the uncertainty of it challenges our ability to set the standard precautions to confidently ensure the safety of all participants. 


This year a total of 58 artists would have come together from Vietnam and the United States to engage with the community of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi as well as participants who planned to travel from surrounding countries in Southeast Asia for this seminar. While this was an extremely and devastating decision to make, it is heartening to know that there are other artists out in the world who hold such value in engaging in cultural exchanges and we are truly moved by the work everyone is doing in the field. We are thrilled about the potential of this dance seminar for future years. 


On behalf of Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy, co-founder Jeanne Travers and myself, we are grateful to everyone for your willingness to join Holding Common Ground: Pathways to Cultural Exchange in Vietnam 2020 and we hope to connect with you next year!


Much love,

Emily Navarra a.k.a. The Movement Kitchen

HCH 2020 KV.png

This project is a cyclical seminar that brings together dance artists and scholars from the USA and Vietnam to participate in panel discussions, lectures, workshops and dance performances that celebrate cultural diplomacy. It focuses on the insight into the process and development of an educational, artistic and cultural dance seminar between Vietnam, USA and other Asian countries.

The relationship between the U.S.A. and Vietnam has become increasingly cooperative and comprehensive since relations formally began 25 years ago. Holding Common Ground reinforces the US/Vietnamese legacy of reconciliation and will continue to build these relationships through cultural diplomacy for the future of Art, education and freedom of expression in Vietnam.

March 30 - April 4: Holding Common Ground Choreographic Residency
April 5 - April 11: Holding Common Ground Dance Seminar
Hosted by Soul Music and Performing Arts Academy; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Co-founder & Curator - The Movement Kitchen
Co-founder & Project Programmer - Jeanne Travers
Assistant Project Programmer - Dr. Alexander Tu Nguyen
Assistant Project Programmer - Thanh Bui
Assistant Project Programmer - Ted Farraday
Technical Consultant - Giau Truong
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