A Substance Displaced

A socially charged project on the blurred lines of female poverty, the working poor and the middle class worldwide. 

One of the most vital, accessible, yet often unrecognized, community based art forms around the globe is storytelling. Stories we tell about ourselves and the stories other people tell about us deeply affect how we live. If we want to change our lives, we must first change our stories. This realization came to me in the early part of my time abroad after I had been involved and affected by several liberation movements, including the Arab Spring. It was that awareness that propelled me into becoming a storyteller through dance. Despite the challenges my work as faced with corrupted regimes and governments, I’ve come to see storytelling as a healing art in the countries I’ve resided in - particularly for the audiences. This piece debuted in America in 2009 and since that time, it has been reset on 8 other women in Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

A Substance Displaced

2018: Links Hall, Chicago

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A Substance Displaced

2015-2010: Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand

A Substance Displaced - Premiere

2009: Tampa, Florida

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