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Weekend workshop series with Racoco Productions:
Action Theater:
An improvisational physical theater training and performance method created by Ruth Zaporah. Through playful exercises, the workshop integrates movement, vocalization, and speech to expand our expressive palette as we quiet distracting fears and judgments. The exercises isolate time, space, shape, and energy using our bodies and our voices so they can be examined, experienced, and altered. Composition, listening, and relationship are deconstructed and reassembled with greater awareness. For performers the technique develops an embodied stage presence, deepening the ability to hold and express emotion and connect to our surroundings and fellow performers. But the same lessons can apply to being present in our daily lives. And we also just have fun! The workshops are appropriate for the beginner, the explorer, and the professional.

Objectify // Connecting the body and object in performance 
This workshop focuses on our perception of our physical selves and their boundaries, and how that can be expanded, contracted, shifted, and re-shaped, in movement and the imagination, and through objects/materials. Through exercises/games we'll look at how our we interact with objects via physical, emotional, and intellectual pathways, and the ways the relationships between them can shift, and how these discoveries can be incorporated into our performance practice.

About Rachel Cohen (NYC):
Rachel Cohen has been choreographing and performing in New York City since 1997, and created Racoco Productions in 2003. She graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Performance as Communication, a self-designed major; she studied dance and choreography with Claire Mallardi. Ms. Cohen is a certified Action Theater improvisation teacher (for more see 

Influential teachers include Carolyn Lord, Mary Anthony, Bertram Ross, Heather Cornell, Rafael Bianciotto, Patricia Cross, and Joanne Conroy, Olga Baigas. She has performed with There's No Law, Olek, Julie Atlas Muz, SHUA Group, Ariane Anthony + Company, Mary Anthony Dance Theater, Christopher Caines Dancers, Le Minh Tam, and Theodora Skipitares, among others.

Objectify: Connecting the body and object in performance by Skarlet at Action Theatre & Objectify: Workshop Series

Object: Red paper bag
Live accompaniment: Eric SmackDab

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