This workshop will be divided into two parts. It will provide participants with a warm-up class focused on different materials from floor work to release techniques. Elements from the warm-up will be analysed, deconstructed and practiced. The second part will provide a creatively charged environment for participants to move together through group practice where individuals will create their own material. 

Nguyen Thanh Chung graduated from Vietnam Dance Academy in 2009. He then joined Arabesque Dance Company for 5 years, led by the famous choreographer Nguyen Tan Loc. In 2013, Chung participated in an International Modern Dance Competition in South Korea and won the “Korea Association Dance Award".

He has taken roles in famous dance shows such as The Mist, Stories of The Shoes and Erasable. He also collaborated with artist Dao Thuy Thuy Van in the experimental showcase "Sleep Walkers",which was performed at Sao La Gallery and Saigon Ranger. Chung also collaborated with musician Scobi Wan on a Dance-Music Experimental work at Cu Ru bar.

In 2014, he moved to Singapore to work under T.H.E Dance Company. He has since gone on tour with the company to perform in South Korea, Malaysia, India, China. In 2016, he moved to Switzerland and got a scholarship from Cinevox Junior Company, which gave him the opportunity to work with famous choreographers such as Franz Brodmann, Olaf Schmidt, Ihsan Rustem and Felix Dumeril. After a year in Switzerland, he moved back to Viet Nam and has been working as Freelance artist. 

As a choreographer, his solo work “A trip of” was chosen to perform in M1 Open Stage ( M1 Contact Contemporary dance festival). He recently collaborated with Ngo Thanh Phuong, Dao Thuy Thuy Van and Nguyen Huu Thuan to create a work called “Reallusion” which was an interaction work with the sculptures of visual artist Ly Hoang Ly, performed at The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, Ho Chi Minh. In October 2017, he participated in an artists residency “Deep in the mountains” which was held in South Korea for 40 days, during the residency he created a new work called “Is there” in collaboration with Boram Jun and Tine Surel Lange. Chung also performed in several works of Soodong Jung, Ingrid Rosborg and Yong Sean Liu at National Theater of Korea. He's currently giving workshops at Arabesque Dance school, Soul Academy and The Movement Kitchen.

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