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BLOSSOM is an experiential and creative movement workshop that explores our shifting perceptions around the (female) body and role in life. Through a series of playful activities we will investigate how we connect to ourselves and to others while bringing attention to our thinking, feeling and sensing body.

This workshop is for you, if you:

Are making an advancement in career and education, but are facing challenges around intimate relationships.
Often feel “neutral” or “masculine”, rather than “feminine”, especially in your workplace and also in your intimate relationship.
Do not feel much connection to your intuition, sensuality, and to your body, in your daily life.
Do not have much intimate feeling about your menstrual cycle.
Feel some embarrassment, shame, or guilt in expressing your sexual side of self.
Encounter competitions among women more than cooperation from them.

This workshop allows you to:

Bring back/connect deeper with your womanhood and feminine nature to your everyday life.
Become affirmative to your menstrual cycle and knowledgeable about how to joyfully ride its hormonal and energetic waves.
Find practical hints and tools to enhance creativity, productivity, fulfillment, and happiness in your everyday life as an woman.
See the issue of “gender” in different eyes, beyond “equality” with men.


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