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This workshop will focus on examples of movement exercises and improvisation. Participants will grasp the structure of the exercises and complete them in their own way. After that, they will have a chance to create their own new movements based on the concept of improvisation.

About Dao Van:
Dao Van studied at the Ho Chi Minh City Dance School for seven years. In 2007, she was working as a professional dancer of Bong Sen dance theater. By the year of 2012 she decided to join the Arabesque dance company and got engaged to contemporary dance. With Arabesque Dance Company she has performed in severals work as The Mist, Tich Tac, Moc, Rom... and in tours with company to Singapore, Korea, Japan, Malaysia. In 2014, she attended the Korean Modern Dance Competition. After that, in 2015 she was invited to participate in the work called Real Reality by the company Nibroll under the Japan Foundation. Currently she is also a teacher of Arabesque dance school. She is more interested in reflection of the body under the influence of the surrounding environment. Thereby to discover her own body and let it flow in her imagination.
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