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Let’s try something. 
Let’s experiment. 
Let’s fail. 
Let’s play.

Here we will test the limits of communication and expression. Through ensemble building, movement and voice we will attempt to transcend language and the social script. This workshop is not interested in how well you can dance or how beautifully you can sing, but your willingness to express something that there might not even be words for. Let’s try. All levels, bodies, and languages are not only welcome but encouraged.

Ilse Zoerb is new to Ho Chi Minh by way of Philadelphia USA where she freelanced as a performer, writer, and producer. She is a product of that vibrant arts scene having trained with Headlong Dance Theatre and the Pig Iron School of Advanced Performance Training. Her work up til now has been steeped in an ensemble based, physical theatre pedagogy where collaborators create original works from scratch. She has participated in fifteen original works ranging from 20 person ensemble extravaganzas to solo pieces performed in her friend's closet. This is her first time working with a script in five years. Performance is a way for her to attempt to authentically connect to others.
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