cut the FAT 

*Effective October, 2020: "cut the FAT" will culminate into a series of dance for camera works in an open ended format. This was not the original plan for this project, but due to the pandemic - I have spent the last year reimagining how I will continue the process of development and production for this project and its intention. Once more safety in performing is restored, this project will also be presented in public spaces.


An open ended lecture-performance project. In progress since 2016. Premiering will continue in 2022/2023.

The bones of this project comprise of ten written journals, interviews in seven languages, research in twenty-nine countries, four animations, 2,000+ field recordings, 1,000+ hours of mass media footage from the 1920’s to the 1990’s, 100 styrofoam heads and my experiential shifts towards what it means to cut the fat in a decade’s time. The irony of this project at this present time is real. Humans are awakening to their own versions of cutting the fat, making shifts and forging new paths towards REAL social change. This is what “cut the FAT” seeks to encompass.  

"cut the FAT" intends to reflect on the societal and economic systems all across the world while exposing some of the flaws of capitalist societies. It represents a culmination of my research, writings, thought processes about the effects and impacts of the evolution of language, social justice issues, behavioral sciences, media manipulation and mental conditioning.  

It is a densely physical and auditory inquiry of the body's intangible and kinesthetic response to depict the subjective emotions and responses that objects and events can arouse in us. It's aimed through distortion, exaggeration, primitivism, and fantasy and through the vivid, jarring, violent, or dynamic application of formal elements today. It investigates political ideologies and explores the forbearance of personal breakdown within the display of moving forward in today's societies.


Composers: Tulpa Noise // E. Mohammad Meftah // Jun Jun // Ian Richter

Visual Artist: Warren Harris

Choreographer/Video Artist: The Movement Kitchen

TEMPORALITY is the third work of "cut the FAT"



TEMPORALITY is a division of consciousness into three levels: firstness, secondness and thirdness.




FIRSTNESS // "c is for comfort" Ian Richter Richter Dehadharana Ian

SECONDNESS // "the machines already won" Ian Richter

THIRDNESS // "orange coloured liquid" DJ Spooky



FILM + EDITS + MOVEMENT: The Movement Kitchen

SCREENING + COLLABORATORS: Luziger (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)



Ian Richter

DJ Spooky

The Movement Kitchen









K O S H A is the second work of "cut the FAT"

Koshas move from the gross physical plane to the most subtle plane - each layer with its own qualities.


Physical: Annamaya Kosha

Anna means food. All of the physical aspects of life come and go and are consumed by another aspect of external reality. The outermost kosha is called the sheath of food, or annamaya kosha which influences our ability to become sensitive enough to experience the deepers layers.

Energy: Pranamaya Kosha

Prana means energy. It is the vital force that produces the subtle vibrations related to breath and is the driving force behind the physical aspect of the senses and the operation of the physical body.

Mental: Manamaya Kosha

Mana means mind. It is the level of processing thoughts and emotions. It is in direct control of the operation, through prana, of the physical body and senses, and organization of ideas. Dependent on the previous sheaths for well-regulated prana, it functions clearly when connected to the deeper koshas that inform it.

Wisdom: Vijnanamaya Kosha

Vijnana means knowing. It is the sheath of wisdom that is underneath the processing, thinking aspect of mind. It "knows" in a different way than our mental kosha - embodying wisdom rather than mental acuity.

Bliss: Anandamaya Kosha

Anandamaya kosha is the most interior of the koshas, the first of the koshas surroundings the Atman, the eternal centre of consciousness. Ananda means bliss. However, it is not bliss as an emotion experienced at the level of the sheath of mind. Ananda is a different order of reality from that of the mind. The bliss experience here is said to be millions of times greater than our conditioned mind’s ability to grasp.

Self: Atman

Atman is the self, the eternal centre of consciousness, which was never born and never dies. Like a pure light shining through various lampshades (koshas), Atman is the light itself, where subject and object (observed and observer) are seen as one.

**This project is supported, in part, by the Network of Ensemble Theaters


A dance film by Oji Valencia in collaboration with The Movement Kitchen
Music composed by Jun Jun
Production Design: Anne Zettler
Producer: Oji Valencia
Filmed and Directed by Oji Valencia and Nap Jamir of Depth Charge Films
"FLUX" is the first of twenty movement scores for "cut the FAT"
"FLUX - cut the FAT" is a spiritual conveyance for our bare bones, our need to unearth the roots of our systemic issues, our religious issues, our consumption issues, our cells - our gels - our fat.
Reflect. Restore. Relearn. Rebirth. FLUX. and then we - cut the FAT.
**This project was supported, in part, by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.

Jello Series - March 6, 2020
An excerpt from "FLUX - cut the FAT"

Video/Performance: The Movement Kitchen

Composer: Tulpa Noise

a clip from "cut the FAT"



Video: The Movement Kitchen

Composer: Ose

a clip from "cut the FAT"



Video: The Movement Kitchen

Composer: SmackDab

a clip from "cut the FAT"



Video: The Movement Kitchen

Composer: Jun Jun

a clip from "cut the FAT"



Video: The Movement Kitchen

Composer: Skeleton Goode

Remixed by Sunshine Primo

a short animation from "cut the FAT"



Composer + Animation: The Movement Kitchen

a clip from "cut the FAT"



Text Rework/Video: The Movement Kitchen

Composer: Jun Jun

a short animation from "cut the FAT"



Composer + Voiceover: Jun Jun


Animation: The Movement Kitchen

a clip from "cut the FAT"



Composer: Jun Jun


Field Recordings & Video: The Movement Kitchen

a clip from "cut the FAT"



Composer: Space Panther


Video: The Movement Kitchen

a clip from "cut the FAT"




Video & Sound: The Movement Kitchen

Meet 34 of our 100 binaural styrofoam heads from "cut the FAT"


Visual Art: Warren Harris a.k.a. Hanna in collaboration with Emily Navarra a.k.a. The Movement Kitchen

Written excerpts from "cut the FAT": 2016 - present