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A weekend getaway out of the city filled with movement workshops, team building, journal writing and group discussions.

BODY choir: 
A movement workshop exploring the meaning of Co-Creativity through movement with a spiritual approach. The Inquiry is: “How can I express myself genuinely while I create one vital expression together with others?” The session always starts from "internal exploration." Seeing our body as the reflections of nature, the session begins through connecting with the nature within us. With both physical exercise and images/metaphors inspired by nature, participants will start to connect with their innate flow of movement. Once the body connects with our own rhythm, flow and movement, we start to connect with the space and other moving bodies around us. We will play with different improvisations known as "co-creative movements.”

An improvisation-based workshop that will focus on each mover’s physical response to various stimuli, presented in the moment. Working with partnering and group structures, movers will develop a keen sense of awareness through their physicality, energy, rhythm, personal choice, risk taking and celebration of limitations. 

Chance Dance:
This workshop is centered around Merce Cunningham's use of chance mechanisms and indeterminacy as choreographic strategies. Participants will explore their own movement phrases by experimenting with chance methods and further develop them to create a group dance. 

*Past locations include: Bali, Indonesia, Mui Ne, Vietnam, Kampot, Cambodia, Penang, Malaysia and Hua Hin, Thailand.

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