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This workshop provides participants a way to discover your inner unique movements through your body and connection to the space by building more trust in your movement base of improvisation.

About Nguyen Chung:
Nguyen Chungwas born in Vietnam. He studied at Vietnam Dance College and after he graduated he came to Ho Chi Minh City to work with Arabesque Dance Company - under the direction of Nguyen Tan Loc. Chung performed in several works such as The Story of the Shoes, The Mist and Erasable. In 2013, he won the prize of "Korean Dance Association" in the Korean International Modern Dance Competition. In 2014, he moved to Singapore to join T.H.E Dance Company, performing locally and in tours to South Korea, Malaysia, and China. In 2016, he went to Switzerland to further his studies, and received a Scholarship from Cinevox Junior Company directed by Malou Fenaroli Leclerc. During his time with Cinevox Junior, he has worked with choreographers such as Franz Brodmann, Olaf Schmidt, Ihsan Rustem, and Felix Dumeril. After all of his experience both locally and internationally, he is getting more interested in improvisation by using our inner imagination and emotions in order to create his own voice of movement with softness and a rhythmic flow connecting and interacting from our body to the space.
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