"I AM HUMAN" was created for 12 movers new to dance as part of a gender behavior project held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in July 2016.

Performance: “I Am Human" focuses on a compelling issue of our time: the continuing reconstitution of gender roles and meanings that bear on the perpetual human struggle with questions of self-identity and interpersonal relationships. The performance creates a distinctly unique experience which exudes authenticity by presenting the intimate truths of 12 humans who face two questions: "How was I made?” and "How did I grow?" From a spiritual and emotional angle, they explore their intimate universes, exposing their vulnerability and generating spaces of silence, of void - of no time. This is their story of redefining gender one image at a time.


Choreography: The Movement Kitchen

Music: Philip Glass _REWORK | A Philip Glass Remix Project

Location: The Factory, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

​© 2021 The Movement Kitchen   

“Projects led by local artists show a community that they themselves have agency and impact.” ~THE MOVEMENT KITCHEN

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