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Locomotion is a fluid, challenging, beautiful and rewarding movement system which relies on the use of low gait, squatting, floor work, animal locomotion, inverting, crawling, bridging and quadru-pedaling which are integrated to be a sophisticated multi-layered flow of movement close to the ground. Locomotion offers a great tool for strength development, true useable and active mobility, joint protection, metabolic conditioning and expression. This workshop concentrates on the gradual, process-driven instruction of Ido Portal's movement language - Locomotion. Most of Avinash's work, practice and teachings are influenced and inspired by his teacher Ido Portal and Odelia Goldschmidt.
About Mr. Avinash Kumar:
Mr. Avinash Kumar has been a yogasana practitioner for the past 14 years, is a former gymnast and has also trained in disciplines such as martial arts and dance. For the past few years he has become more passionate about Movement practice and his love of movement began in search of "what this the human body capable of” as well as “what does it mean to be a generalist first rather than being a specialist”.

He currently works as a freelance yoga instructor, teaches small focused groups of movement classes in India and has earned his experience teaching for California Fitness & Yoga, Bayou Yoga & Fitness and many other private clubs over the past 5 years.
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