The workshop will begin by warming the body and waking the senses, moving around the space and connecting with other bodies and elements in the room. Movers will find depth and inspiration in the element of natural human reaction by investigating character qualities with a playful approach. The entire exploration period will aim to heighten awareness, fine tune your focus both physically/intellectually and open newly discovered pathways of thinking, acting/reacting, and moving.

About Amy Moore:
Amy Moore is a performance artist, creator, educator, and pilates instructor. She studied Dance Performance and Choreography at The University of South Florida and has taught/performed in New York City since 2010. Her movement practices are highly influenced by her own personal study and practice, as well as her most recent collaborations alongside Shannon Gillen and LoudHoundMovement.

She is intrigued with refining awareness, heightening proprioception, opening investigative potential for movement and character development physically and intellectually, all while fostering a safe, non-judgmental environment for all participants who partake. She enjoys becoming aware of habitual movement patterns and interpretive responses, then intentionally trying to reboot focus, thus patterning in newly discovered ways.

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