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Through the use of self massage therapy balls and other self massage techniques, learn how to give yourself therapeutic deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release self massage in common high tension areas. In this special 2 hour experiential workshop, Morry (physio therapist and osteopath ) will guide and teach you the skills necessary to relieve and release muscle tension, ease aches, reduce stress, allow for better breathing, and improve posture. You will learn an effective head to toe massage series, as well as more focus on releasing the shoulders, low back, hips, and chest. This is a highly effective and powerful set of techniques for self-care.
*You’ll need to bring 2 tennis balls.
*No experience required.

About Morteza Tafakory:
Morteza Tafakory initially studied physiotherapy at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, Holland. While enjoying this study, he has come to understand the value of this discipline but also the shortcomings of this field of medicine.

His whole life he has been active in various sports and as a result, he unfortunately suffered some serious injuries. At the time he went into a physical therapy treatment program, and during this time he noticed the imperfections of a singular therapy form. The common tunnel vision often leads to treatments that must be performed according to specific protocols.

Because each person is unique, he does not believe in an approach that forces a therapist to remain within set frameworks. In his experience, physiotherapy is just one piece of the complex puzzle within path of recovery. For that reason he has gone on vast research to expand his toolbox as a therapist. Thus, he ended up with a variety of disciplines that complement each other, therefore he can offer a more complete method of treatment. Through these specialisations, he has developed his own approach that is explained under “vision” on this site.

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