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Small batch organic, artisanal & Ayurvedic products:  The Movement Kitchen’s mission is to bring safe, pure, high-quality, organic, & all-natural herbal treatments and body care products, free from toxins and other ingredients that may be harmful to you and your family. I am passionate about changing our current reliance and dependency of the current beauty, Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries. All of my products are hand-crafted and handmade with love in my home. My ingredients are sourced from top-quality local providers, farmers and other highly reputable suppliers in the U.S.A., India, Thailand & Vietnam who I have formed relationships since 2010.


ABOUT MY PROCESS:  All of my herbal blends are custom and handcrafted through solar infusion. I develop most of my own extracts, tinctures, essential oils using steam distillation, cold-pressing techniques, glycerin extraction & organic grain alcohol extraction. The skin is an organ that is deeply emotional and subtly connected to our heart energy - and it holds a particular vitality for humans. What we put on our skin can nourish and nurture our emotional happiness as well as nourishing the physical skin. My aim is to reach customers through a range of sensory experiences: on the skin, through aroma, touch, sight and hearing. Each sense has such a subtle connection to our inner world.

I want to ensure that the energy going into making the product is the best it can be. I give attention to all of my products with blessings, chants, prayer and music. May your healing abilities be magnified.


COMMUNITY OUTREACH + SUPPORT:  10% of The Movement Kitchen sales go to the Chicago Torture Justice Center. For more information on CTJC, please visit:

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