Standpoint Theories // Humanity Edition



A collaboration between dancer Emily Navarra, musicians Bryon Ramsey-Leonard Rudd and David Moses Haimovich known as Space Panther, media artists Daniel Long and Le Thanh Tung a.k.a. Crazy Monkey featuring writer Matt Bender.


This projects preparation began in December of 2011 by researching the standpoint theory. This theory concerns the authority generated by people's knowledge and the power such authority has to shape people's opinions in daily life. Standpoint theory's most important concept is that an individual's own perspectives are shaped by his or her experiences in social locations and social groups.

Standpoint Theories // Legends of Vietnam



Standpoint Theories second installment is Legends of Vietnam.  An international collective of artists hailing from Vietnam, France, the U.K. and the U.S.A who have created an evening length production based on 6 legendary Vietnamese myths.  Our perspective was that as Vietnam rapidly changed and grew, traditional aspects of the country continued to slowly disappear. A sense of nostalgia - for us - was very much needed at this time.  Legends of Vietnam was a homage to celebrate the historically rich Vietnamese culture, its beliefs and to share their stories with cultures around the globe. 


Standpoint Theories 

Legends of Vietnam Soundtrack now available.

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