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The Body that Impacts // Practical workshop (test) to observe the impact of the body in our professional and personal lives

Awareness of Identity
Non-verbal Communication
The impact of the language in the body
Emotions in the body (comfort zone)
Body work to inspire change (exploration)

Possible out comes:
Understanding the impact of your body in your professional performance and personal life
Awareness on the body you hold, keep, maintain, and change according to the persona you want to portrait
Looking for the body that works for you
Awareness of the body as a tool for learning
Exercises and practices

>Who would benefit from this workshop?

· Managers, Esp. in Sales, Marketing, Advertising

· Trainers, coaches, teachers, instructors

· Anybody interested in personal development

About Ivonne:
Ivonne Garrido, Chilean, mother of three, and extremely interested in making her life worth it.

Professionally, she has a BLA in Communication with interest in Intercultural and Human Communication. She's also a certified coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and a Certified Ontological Coach (NCC) from Newfield Network. She has more than 10 years of experience in the areas of communication and coaching. Ivonne designed and delivered workshops for women and parents as well as extending her studies in the area of the body and emotions, also the use of the language and the arts as tools for coaching and training.
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